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All About Child Support

When married parents raise children, the courts normally stay out of the picture unless there is a reason to suspect child neglect. But when parents divorce, separate or are unmarried, it becomes the business of the court to ensure that children have adequate support. Child support orders put legal teeth into financial parental obligations – especially the parent that a child does not live with most of the time.

Your divorce decree, if you and your spouse share minor children, will include child custody and child support orders if applicable. To protect your rights while child support amounts are under consideration by the Court of Common Pleas, work with an experienced family law attorney. At my law firm, John D. Sisto, P.C., I offer my clients straightforward guidance and clear explanations.

How Child Support Amounts Will Be Determined

In Pennsylvania, the following factors will figure into the calculation of child support when parents are not married and together:

  • Parents’ combined monthly net income
  • The number of family members that each cares for or supports

If a third party, such as a grandparent, has custody, that third party may bring a child support action against both parents. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services states that “The Support Guideline… is based on the assumption that a child of separated or divorced parents should receive the same proportion of parental incomes as if the parents were together.” (See that agency’s website for more information).

Even though a child support calculator can give a base figure for the establishment of child support amounts, a deviation from that amount is sometimes appropriate. Also, determining the income of a self-employed parent can be tricky. Work closely with me, attorney John D. Sisto, to ensure that you will receive or pay the correct amount of child support.

Discuss Your Concerns About Child Support

Whether you are the custodial or noncustodial parent, and whether your income is high, low or average, you should get legal advice about the important issue of the determination of child support that you will be ordered to pay or support that you will be eligible to receive.

My firm, John D. Sisto, P.C., is a source of support for you at any stage of your legal events such as a divorce or the birth of your child outside of marriage. I can help you pursue a child support modification or enforcement of a child support order. To schedule a free initial consultation at my Altoona office, via video conference or in some other way, call 814-425-5415 or complete an online inquiry form.