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Getting a divorce is never anyone’s original plan upon getting married. However, divorce is common in American society, and Pennsylvania is no exception. Through divorce, your household will divide into two households. Whatever property either or both of you owned before a divorce will normally belong to just one of you afterward. One of you may need to pay spousal maintenance to the other if there has been significant financial dependence on either side. If you have children together, a family law court will require or mandate a plan for their custody and support while they are growing up.

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Contested Or Uncontested? Complex Or Straightforward?

To obtain a no-fault divorce, you or your spouse must declare in a petition that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. With mutual consent, the two of you can make your own decisions about how to divide property and parent your children from two households.

Many people believe they will have an uncontested divorce but then discover that there are differences that require resolution before the divorce can proceed.

When you cannot reach a common understanding in negotiations, you may need to go through mediation or litigation to settle these issues.

Ideally, you and your spouse will make your own decisions about your divorce. If you cannot agree, a judge will do so. This path will take longer and will likely be unsatisfactory to both of you since a judge does not understand your family’s situation in the personal ways that you do.

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