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I am attorney John D. Sisto, and I welcome the opportunity to introduce you to my law practice in Altoona. For almost 30 years, I have been serving people in this community with a commitment to meeting their family law and other legal needs with integrity, efficiency and a long-range view.

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A Local Attorney With A Pulse On The Community’s Needs

I was born and raised in Altoona and have lived here all my life except for my college years when I was out of state. I understand what my fellow Altoona residents want when they are facing family law challenges or have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI). I understand the courts and I have devoted my career to pursuing the solutions that people need.

An uncontested divorce should not be more complicated than necessary. Either you or your spouse can file a petition for divorce with the family law court and after 90 days, both of you can submit statements that you agree with the terms. A divorce achieved by mutual consent in this way can be cost-effective and timely.

However, if you or your spouse disagrees about the idea of getting a divorce or about the terms of a divorce, it is likely to be more complex and take longer. Contested child custody cases can be especially difficult to resolve to everyone’s satisfaction. Keep in mind that a family law judge will focus on a child’s best interests at all times. My years of experience have given me the knowledge and tools that I need to guide you effectively through your uncontested or contested divorce or custody dispute.

In addition to family law, I practice criminal defense for people charged with DUI involving alcohol or drugs. I help clients retain or recover their driving privileges, stay out of jail and keep their records clean if possible.

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My clients typically come from Blair, Bedford and Cambria counties. You may reach my Altoona law office by calling 814-425-5415 or completing an online inquiry form.