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Solving The Problems That Led To DUI Charges

If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your legal situation is urgent. You need to act quickly to preserve or recover your driving privileges. At the same time, your defense lawyer should begin an investigation right away to prepare the most promising strategy for your criminal defense.

If your DUI case goes as well as it should, charges may be dismissed or reduced. If your case does not end well, you may spend time in jail, pay high-dollar fines and end up with a criminal record. At John D. Sisto, P.C., you have access to an attorney who is committed to helping you obtain the most favorable outcome that your facts and circumstances allow.

DUI Courts: A Special Opportunity Available To Pennsylvania’s Drunk Driving Offenders

I am defense attorney John D. Sisto. DUI defense is the only category of criminal defense that I devote my time to. I have focused on this area of the law because DUI charges are both common and hazardous for a person’s future. A conviction may derail your life’s goals tremendously.

Drunk driving is, in fact, a hazard that demands a response from the community. Pennsylvania offers drivers with drinking and driving difficulties the chance to remedy their risky behaviors through problem-solving courts known as DUI courts. Blair County has a DUI problem-solving court where you and the court authorities can focus on preventing a recurrence of your drinking and driving problem.

I Can Guide You Through The DUI Court Processes With Your Future Intact

See the website of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania for explanations about how problem-solving courts work, including DUI courts. The function of these courts is summarized in these words: “The goal of problem-solving courts is to supervise the treatment and rehabilitation of carefully screened and selected defendants to try to change their behavior. Instead of a jail sentence, defendants are given counseling, treatment for their addictions or illnesses, educational assistance and healthcare support.”

It may be difficult to acknowledge that you have a drinking problem if, in fact, you do. However, before you say to yourself, “No, that’s not for me,” allow me to explain how the DUI Court in Blair County has helped many of my clients move forward positively both healthwise and legally after being arrested on charges of DUI.

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My experience can be your greatest asset after a DUI arrest in Blair, Bedford or Cambia County. I look forward to explaining what I can do for you.

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